Utilizing the Ancient knowledge of Hawaiian Shamanism, Huna is an integrated approach to healing that transforms the energetic nature of the various systems and organs of the body.

The body is scanned to track strong points and patterns of dense energy that create disharmony and dis-ease (lack of ease). These areas are then transformed with a combination of energetic bodywork and intuitive therapy to reintegrate and restructure the information held within each system and organ back to wholeness. Once wholeness is restored the body naturally flows with Life Force Energy, health and wellness.
Depending on the issue, this can happen in one healing or over a series of healings, but relief will be felt after each healing as the body moves into a higher vibration of lightness and ease.

Overall, it is all a very gentle experience although sometimes tightness and strain is felt or emotions come unexpectedly to the surface as energy releases. Results of this treatment tend to be fairly immediate and profound. Some may experience detoxification following the treatment which, when it occurs, is all part of the healing process. Please book your appointment accordingly.

Benefits You May Experience With Huna Energy Healing

Physical Body

    Reduces or eliminated pain & inflammation
    Relaxes muscles
    Cleanses toxins supporting lymphatic circulation
    Regulates blood pressure
    Calms the nervous system
    Balances immune function
    Balances hormones
    Restores sleep patterns
    Increases libido
    Supports the healing of digestion
    Supports assimilation of nutrients and minerals
    Releases stored trauma from injuries
    Increases energy, strength and vitality
    Triggers the body’s intelligence to heal itself

Emotional Body

    Overcomes fear, anxiety, grief and trauma
    Restores natural state of happiness and gratitude
    Acknowledges cares for and releases suppressed emotions
    Increases self-love, acceptance and inner peace
    Improves and invites loving co-operative relationships
    Inspires eating well and exercising
    Inspires creativity and reveals inner gifts
    You feel better

Mental Body

    Strengthens the power of the mind
    Improves mental clarity and ability to focus
    Decisions become easy and the direction of your life becomes clear
    Increases productivity
    Supports the healing of addictive behaviours
    Aligns with a higher order of thought
    Cleanses obsessive thoughts
    Opens intuitive abilities
    Creates ‘health’ consciousness that guides daily decisions
    Empowers and uplifts

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