My Energy Healing Services

During this time, all sessions are done via distance healing



Utilizing the Ancient knowledge of Hawaiian Shamanism, Huna is an integrated approach to healing that transforms the energetic nature of the various systems and organs of the body.



Reiki is a spiritual healing art rooted in Japanese origin. The word Reiki comes from the Japanese word Rei which means “Universal Life” and Ki which means “Energy”.

Initial Consultation & Healing Sessions

Your first session at Metamorphosis Healing is extended to allow us to connect and get comfortable with the energy prior to you getting on the table. I will also take this time to go through your history and what concern has brought you in for healing. And finally, before we get you on the table, I will walk through what you can expect from the session giving you opportunity to ask any questions about the process.

Healing Session - Adult
90-minute session


Healing Session - Child/Teen
60-minute session


Energy Healing Session

Energy Healing - Adult
60-minute session


Energy Healing - Child/Teen
45-minute session


Energy Healing Packages

Depending on the energy needing healing, several sessions may be required. Multiple sessions may help to release the multiple layers of energy until the energy is completely healed. Multi-session packages are available:

Healing Package - 3 sessions
3-session package
    3 sessions will be paid upfront and booked in advance
    3 x 60 Minute Sessions
Healing Package - 6 sessions
6-session package
    6 sessions will be will be paid upfront and booked in advance
    6 x 60 Minute Sessions

Additional Services

I also provide additional services for healing at your convenience.

Distance or Remote Healing

Energy healing can be offered in person or at a distance. Contact me for more information.

Free 15-minute Phone Consultation

Are you are new to energy healing? Not sure where to start? If you have questions book a fifteen (15) minute phone consultation to ask your questions and determine the best course of action for you.