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What is Huna Healing? ​And how can you ​align yourself with ​this approach to feel more energized physically, mentally and emotionally?

Here's how Huna came into my life. I first found Huna in the midst of what was up until that moment over 3 years of struggle, a fight, a daily worry about my son’s seizure disorder. After many failed pharmaceutical treatments, an unsuccessful brain surgery and a hellish torture of allowing a controversial chemo treatment the doctors were stumped and at a loss for what else to “try”. My son had had enough of hospitals, our whole family had. I was desperate and knew I had to find something else. And in that moment of need we came face to face with Huna. From the onset it was different. This is an approach that is not about FIGHTING anything, it’s about healing, and as easy as remembering who we are…..Energy.


Here's What My Clients Say:

Melanie is a gentle, caring soul who listens to and understands the stresses and suffering that her clients feel. Her kind words and wisdom continue to help in my recovery. Her healing techniques creates a sense of complete relaxation and letting go of fear, pain and sadness. During treatment there is a sense of calm and well-being. Following treatment, I experience improved sleep, renewed energy, and a better overall mood. I would highly recommend Melanie's treatments for anyone dealing with stress, or illness. This practice can also serve as an overall maintenance for optimal functioning of one's body and soul.


Melanie is an intuitive healer with many gifts and knowledge from different modalities such as Huna, Reiki and NLP. She is a professional practitioner who is deeply invested in the health and well- being of her clients. My daughter and I have been blessed to have Melanie as part of our healing team. My daughter immediately connected to her kind demeanor and felt safe even though she has been diagnosed with severe social anxiety and is often very wary of people. Melanie receives very specific information from source which helps to provide clarity and direction for specific problems. Melanie was able to go remotely into my daughter’s energy and immediately shift blockages. She has reduced her anxiety and uplifted her mood. At times my daughter was very angry but after a session she just glowed and her behavior remained calm for days. A session with Melanie always makes me feel relaxed, peaceful and at one with source! I highly recommend Melanie as a talented practitioner and excellent listener who will gently guide you through your very own metamorphosis.

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