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What is Huna Healing? ​Find out how can you ​align yourself with ​this approach to feel more energized physically, mentally and emotionally.

Why Huna energy healing? Are you tired? Do you feel like you were meant for more, that this life should be much more than it is? That's exactly the right time for energy healing.
I first found Huna energy healing in the midst of a struggle, a fight, a daily worry about my son’s seizure disorder. My son had had enough of hospitals, our whole family had. In that moment of need, in that moment of "knowing" that there had to be something more we were introduced to Huna. 
From the onset it was different and life changing. Energy healing is an approach that is not about fighting anything, it’s about healing, and as easy as remembering who we are…..Energy.
This gentle and incredibly powerful energy healing practice can be applied to any facet of life, be it physical, mental, or spiritual. It's an approach that allows you to reconnect to yourself and your truth. 
When you are ready to do the work, the energy moves, shifts and transforms. Take the next step to your wellbeing and book a session with an energy practitioner today. Your healing awaits!


Here's What My Clients Say:

I met Mel at a retreat she co-facilitated in spring of 2022. She has a very welcoming personality. I quickly felt like I had known her for 20 years. She guided us through wonderful meditations that weekend.
It was also my first venture into the practice of Huna. I have subsequently had follow up sessions with Mel that have given me helpful insights.
Additionally, I also did two coaching sessions with her. These were incredibly helpful and have allowed me to make strides in my personal development.
I highly recommend Mel’s wellness services.

Jeff P

Melanie is an intuitive healer with many gifts and knowledge from different modalities such as Huna, Reiki and NLP. She is a professional practitioner who is deeply invested in the health and well- being of her clients. My daughter and I have been blessed to have Melanie as part of our healing team. My daughter immediately connected to her kind demeanor and felt safe even though she has been diagnosed with severe social anxiety and is often very wary of people. Melanie receives very specific information from source which helps to provide clarity and direction for specific problems. Melanie was able to go remotely into my daughter’s energy and immediately shift blockages. She has reduced her anxiety and uplifted her mood. At times my daughter was very angry but after a session she just glowed and her behavior remained calm for days. A session with Melanie always makes me feel relaxed, peaceful and at one with source! I highly recommend Melanie as a talented practitioner and excellent listener who will gently guide you through your very own metamorphosis.

Denise P

Melanie is a gentle, caring soul who listens to and understands the stresses and suffering that her clients feel. Her kind words and wisdom continue to help in my recovery. Her healing techniques creates a sense of complete relaxation and letting go of fear, pain and sadness. During treatment there is a sense of calm and well-being. Following treatment, I experience improved sleep, renewed energy, and a better overall mood. I would highly recommend Melanie's treatments for anyone dealing with stress, or illness. This practice can also serve as an overall maintenance for optimal functioning of one's body and soul.


I've been an Energy Practitioner for 14 years. I've experienced a range of energy healing modalities by multiple practitioners. Melanie is the real deal. Huna energy is very powerful and Melanie is natural intuitive. The two combined result in a phenomenal session. I would highly recommend a 90 min session if you don't receive some form of energy healing regularly.

Heather J.

I have had the pleasure of seeing Melanie for healing for over a year now and I have been blessed to experience healing and clearing from her. I appreciate that she puts me at ease and listens to my concerns and considers how I am feeling at that moment. She explains the process clearly and never rushes an appointment and is happy to provide an update and tips after each session. I have recommended her for others to try and they have been as satisfied as I have which really makes me glad. In a hectic world she is an oasis of love and kindness and through her sessions I can escape the rat race for a few pleasant moments and gather strength and renewed vitality for the rest of the week.


It started with a symbolic descent down a few stairs to the ‘resting place’ where the session would begin. The session itself began with comfortable pleasantries; and some seemingly idle conversation. And then, in an instant, it was as though our hearts were connected - our souls spoke to one another at a deeper-than-I-can-put-into-words level. But, at the same time, it felt so natural – like this was an everyday thing. Melanie’s questioning was gentle and inquisitive. Our intimate conversation moved freely - with no discomfort, or angst - laced with strong notes of soul-searching truths. There were times when we were both shocked into pause as we realized that an old belief system has ‘escaped’ me. The feeling of a lie losing its grip on me was liberating and worth every penny. Then, with me in a horizontal position - thoughts racing through my mind as I tried to calm them down – the Huna healing began. In this session, I felt very caught up in my thoughts, and I wondered why I couldn’t calm them down as I usually was able to. In the end, I needed this pre-occupied state of mind so the healing could be done without my distracting things.
I left the session feeling lighter, calmer, contemplative, and while I could tell that I was processing the points we discussed, I no longer felt caught up in my own thoughts: I was re-connected, grounded, and felt stronger.
I would most definitely recommend Melanie’s healing to anyone who is interested in letting go of a behaviour, emotion, feeling, or belief system; to anyone who is feeling unhinged and eager to reconnect to their true self. A five-star experience in my book!

Terri-Lynn Ledger - Author of A Voice in the Stillness

Melanie is a true Healer. When she enters a room, all hearts are lifted. It’s a beautiful experience to feel that the world is a safe and loving and happy place. We become weightless.I send my patients to Melanie because that is the energy she brings to her professional space – even more powerfully. In her office, you are the only one receiving that healing, and it is specifically tailored to your needs. She provides clear, directed guidance – so often with blissful silence. You get to experience your own peace and weightlessness, maybe for the first time.When you leave, you will not go home with a loot bag full of the garbage you have processed with her guidance. Instead, you will leave with a precise intention you are to follow as you integrate the work that has been done. You leave with a complete and visceral connection to who you really are, and in truth.That is how you emerge when you leave Melanie’s office – you in your fullness. A metamorphosis perhaps? Indeed. By definition this is not a “change”, it is but what you have always been. It is your birthright. Melanie shows you how to unfold those big, beautiful, human wings. Enjoy!

Adrienne Yeardye, DiHom (Pract.)
Clinical Homeopath

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