About Melanie & Metamorphosis Healing

I am so happy to meet you!
Here's a little about me.  
I have been sharing Huna energy healing with others since 2016.
Before becoming a practitioner I was a client. I first found Huna in the midst of what was up until that moment years of struggle, a fight, a daily worry about my son’s seizure disorder. After many failed pharmaceutical treatments, an unsuccessful brain surgery and controversial chemo treatment the doctors were stumped and at a loss for what else to “try”. My son had had enough of hospitals, our whole family had. In that moment of need we were introduced to Huna. From the onset it was different. This is an approach that is not about fighting anything, it’s about healing, and as easy as remembering who we are…..Energy.
My son has gone from a scared, frustrated angry boy to a vibrant, happy, confident and strong boy! Huna is the miracle we were seeking and are so blessed to have found!
Having witnessed such a profound healing and change in both my son and myself with Huna I was drawn to learn more about it. I participated in a Huna initiate program and practiced everyday. Every time I practiced there it was; results. Whether working on family members, friends and colleagues aches and pains, the results were the same. The energy changed. Healing occurred! 
I felt this pull, this need to pay it forward and help others find their healing and take back their power. The people who have come into my life as a result of this gift show me and remind me every day the joy that comes with remembering who I am. They are teachers to me while we work together for healing. My life has forever been transformed in the most incredible and profound way as a result of remembering who I am and being quiet enough to feel the energy around me. You could say a metamorphosis took place.
It has been a most incredible and energizing journey to get to this moment. I am blessed and humbled by the opportunity to serve and help others in this same way.
As a lifelong learner I not only continue my studies in Huna, I am also certified in Reiki, NLP and EFT Tapping. I am also working towards my intuitive coaching certification. In addition to 1:1 treatments, I share my learning with others in the form of group healing, webinars, workshops and retreats.
Looking forward to connecting with you!